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Enter the name and the server of your Final Fantasy XIV character here. Our website will connect to the Lodestone to receive your character's data and save them to a self-updating profile picture. You will get some links for inserting them (for example) in forum signatures or do download and save them. Have fun!

Your profile will be generated in English. If you want your profile in another language, switch languages at the top of the page.

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Furthermore, we offer a FAQ area where you can ask question and where you can find your answers.

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What is this about?

  • FFXIV character profile

    Let our site create a capture of your FFXIV character and insert it into your personal website, your forum signature and so on.

  • Daily updates

    The profile updates automatically on a daily basis. The link stays the same at all times!

  • Different profile types

    Currently, we have two different profile types available for you - for free. We planned to add further profile types in the future.


Since the start of ....

  • 19649 generated profiles
  • 3 different profile types
  • 249018 site calls
  • 4895950 profile calls
  • 14949315 updates


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